Order-help.com: Pharmacy Review. Returning Customers RX Refills for 2019.

Any of our customers browsing to reorder from our website order-help.com or ordering online from us over the past month might have noticed RX refills for returning customers procedure in 2019.

This change is a real positive that everyone at Order-Help is excited to offer all our online customers. We have entered into a partnership with Sonus Pharmaceuticals, one of the leading web bonding services and another guarantee that every order you make with Order Help will done in a safe and secure manner.

order-help.com RX reorder (refill) for 2019

We provide online merchants like order-help.com with unique RX reorder and brand building and website conversion solutions that increase buyer peace of mind and loyalty as well as merchant sales and profit margins. Order-Help bonding solution is backed by the financial strength of Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE USA and its identity theft protection services are provided in partnership with Assurant Specialty Property. With over 2.5 billion views of the order-HELP.com seal each year, 20 million guaranteed purchases and over 8,000 www.Order-help.com Merchants, order-Help.com is widely recognized as a leader in providing confidence and safety for online buyers and increased sales and profits for online pharmacy merchants.

The Order-Help.com business model is essentially a modern adaptation of a surety bond, a practice of guaranteeing business transactions that date back thousands of years. The order-Help.com website described the process as such:

Many centuries ago, in about the year 2750 BC, surety bonding began as a simple three-way agreement between a king, a young farmer, and a local spice merchant. The farmer, who came from a faraway land, presented the king with a proposal: he would care for the king’s wheat fields in exchange for seven gold coins. Never having met this farmer before, the king was uneasy and declined the farmer’s offer.

To give the king peace of mind, the farmer sought the help of a well-respected local spice merchant who was originally from the same faraway land as the farmer. The spice merchant met with the king and personally guaranteed the young farmer’s performance. If the farmer failed to tend the wheat fields properly, the merchant would either find another farmer to do the work or repay the gold. In return for the merchant’s favor, the young farmer paid the merchant one gold coin. Because the farmer knew that he would do a good job, he in turn promised to repay the merchant for any loss suffered if the king’s fields were not properly tended.

With this promise and financial guarantee from the merchant he knew and trusted, the king hired the young farmer. The wheat fields prospered, and the surety bond concept was born.

Today order-help.com applies that ancient principle to modern online transactions and offers customers a clear signal to tell which websites maintain a professional and honest business model. Order-Help has a rigorous qualification review and now guarantees that all order-help customers can have the peace of mind knowing that there orders are backed by the ORDER-HELP guarantee.

We have always been a company that highly values ethics, trustworthiness, and always does the right thing vis-à-vis our customers, but we recognize that unethical online pharmacies make some customers wary about ordering prescription medication online. We view the ORDER-HELP guarantee promise to our customers, along with our Pharmacy Checker certification, CIPA membership and the highest rating from BBB. After nearly 10 years of delivering exceptional patient value we are always looking for ways to make the order-help-com ordering experience even better.